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The wiki is currently down for maintenance. . .Well, an upgrade really. Going to the latest MediaWiki software to help control the vandals/spammers better so the wiki can be opened again.

How long will this take? It should've taken a couple hours at the most. But when GoDaddy finally does what they need to do, then I can finish it. . .We shall see. Follow me on Twitter at @Meowwcat for the latest updates. Or just me talking Cerebus and Bruins. . .or whatever.

update #2: got closer, it must've taken a day for what I needed to do, to get done. but, by asking for something from godaddy to try what I needed to do another way, i now can't get to my mysql db to double check the db name, logon, etc, and what I had written down? it isn't working. . .gah. So I have to wait for godaddy to answer my service request. . .perhaps by the start of next week? that is when I'll have the next update. Can't promise when it'll be up. . .but I'll tweet it out, trust me. I'll tweet it out.

Update #3: A bit closer. GoDaddy sorted out my/their problem, and put the mysql db where it needed to be. had to change the entire folder to 755 again (takes an hour really?) and now have to wait again for it to take affect. Again. So hopefully tomorrow night when I get back home from work - though if I have to wait 24 hours, it might be Tuesday night. We shall see.

Update #4: This is giving me headaches so I'm taking a break from it. perhaps next weekend i'll feel up to it? we shall see. In the meantime, feel free to go to the Wayback Machine's archive of it here.