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July 1987: End Game
Issue 100
PresidentDave Sim
AdministratorKaren McKiel
Backgrounds, cover-colour, and tonesGerhard
Church & State II
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Issue Summary

The issue opens with Arch-Bishop Posey running somewhere and then we see him running back holding a bowl. He brings the bowl to Cerebus who is leaning up against the throne. Posey tells Cerebus he has the water and a towel for cleaning and a message that there is another flaw in the sphere and the fourth will be done tomorrow. Astoria is seen kneeling talking about the vision that Cerebus and Astoria shared. She is saying that the prisoner did not make a single sound while the flames engulfed him, and that later in the ashes his heart was found as it wouldn't burn. At this Cerebus orders the guard to gag Astoria.

As Cerebus washes his face, Powers tells Cerebus that Astoria must be dealt with, and before he could finish his thought Cerebus, now washing his hands, states that if Powers wants her dead, then he should sentence her. He finishes washes his hand and says "Cerebus washes his hands of this whole mess..." Powers says he can't pass sentence and Cerebus asks him if he can't or won't. Powers tells Posey to tell him why Powers can't pass the sentence. Posey says that since Astoria killed Lion of Serrea she is technically the Pontiff of the Western Church and if Powers sentences her, then he will become Pontiff of the Western Church.

Powers states that Supreme Commander of the Western Legions is there to ensure any action that Cerebus takes is compatible with aims of the Sepran military. He shows his support by keeping his sword arm up, and to lower it shows he doesn't agree. Cerebus tells Powers he needs to think about this, and powers starts yelling at him about what does he have to think about.

A white pigeon is seen flying over some buildings and landing on a window beside a Cirinist. She takes the message from the bird's leg and talks to it in a sing songy voice. As she reads the message her eyes take on a scared look. She enters a room where we can see a pair of bandaged hands and arms working with seeds which are growing in water. One hand is holding a seed while the other hand raises a finger over it and the seed starts to turn into a flower. The Cirinist calls this person Cirin and tells Cirin of that the trial of "she-whose-name-is-unspeakable" has begun. Cirin says the trial started after all her warnings, and asks if the informant is reliable. The Cirinist says yes, and that Arch-Bishop Vant seeks salvation and has had the appropriate surgery. Cirin tells the Cirinist that his salvation has been granted, and upon the Cirinist leaving a Cirinist dressed with a sword and different trimming along her head covering and belt walks in.

Cirin greets Circe and tells her that it is time for the invasion of Iest. Circe asks two divisions and Cirin states that all of their forces should be used. Circe asks if they should use all of their forces and Cirin confirms that all of the forces should be used. Circe's shoulders slump and she says there is no hope then, and that she better get things started. Cirin confirms that there is little hope and to get it started. As the two conclude their conversation and Circe leaves Cirin's room, we see the flower wilting in Cirin's hand.

We then see Cirin from the waist up and she is revealed to be an aardvark. Cirin says may Terim have mercy on them all.



Artist Notes

Internal Correspondence magazine, July 1995

Dave: "Getting to issue #100 was more of a big deal to me. It seemed completely impossible. That's why I did the same motif that DC used for Superman #100 in 1954 or '55 and Batman #100 in 1956 - a composite of the covers of issues one, twenty-five, fifty, and seventy-five."


  • More Biblical references, as the dove (symbol of the Holy Spirit) flies in a panel with the text "his... ...his heart".
  • The mention of "his heart" in the ashes may be a reference to Joan of Arc. According to legend, her heart miraculously remained intact after she was burned at the stake.
  • Cerebus "washes his hands of this whole mess," as Pilate did in Matthew 27:24 to remove himself from the condemnation of Jesus.
  • Cirin is notified of the trial by Tarimite Archbishop Vant, who has apparently converted to Cirinism by having his genitals removed and burned.
  • From an article entitled "'Cerebus' goes bi-weekly to catch up before #100" from Comic Buyer's Guide #701 this issue shipped on June 29, 1987 so it was inline with its cover month of June.

Back up material

  • Aardvark Comment
  • A letter on Aardvark-Vanaheim stationary stating the 6,000 first print run of the phonebook for Church & State I is being sold on a first come first serve basis with a note that half the print run has already been sold as of July 5, 1987. The first printing of High Society is still sold out and a second printing will be coming out in October, but to please order it through comic book shops. The first printing of Cerebus (Phonebook) is due out August 15 (1987).
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